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From architects to actuaries and solicitors to surveyors, the professional services sector is wide-ranging. But for any of these professions, keeping up with industry shifts and changing regulatory requirements is essential, all while maintaining an excellent quality of service.

As a professional services firm ourselves, we know just how important this is. That’s why we support our professional services clients not only with their statutory compliance needs, but with their business as a whole.

We’re proud to offer personal, insightful advice that’s focused on what’s most important to you – bringing our expert knowledge together with detailed financial data to give you meaningful, practical guidance.

Whether you’re dealing with increasing government regulation or streamlining your operations, we’ll help you overcome any obstacles and build a lasting legacy for your firm.

We can help with:


  • Advice on structuring your professional services firm, including choosing between limited company, limited liability partnership, and other business structures.
  • Guidance on partnership agreements and tax planning.
  • Support with mergers, acquisitions and other business growth plans.

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