Annual Accounts

Annual accounts: they’re compulsory for all companies to do for Companies House each and every year, whether you’re actively trading or dormant.

Sole traders and partners don’t have to complete them, but it’s incredibly important you do, as the insight and information it’ll provide you allows you to manage and monitor the business’s finances to a degree you might not have realised.

But accounting is complex and requires specialist skills. Getting it right takes time and energy. Getting it wrong, on the other hand, brings substantial risk.

We know this, so we make it our mission to help business owners complete their annual accounts. You’ll have the financial information you need to make better financial decisions, get your precious time back, and, if you’re a limited company, HMRC will be happy.

We’re a digital-led firm, which means we’re far more accurate in our work than traditional firms, and will always have your accounts drawn up and filed well ahead of the deadline.

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